Getting Started

On this page, we've collected the first steps of your journey to become a Skillgo developer. If you follow these steps, you will create your first Skillgo e-learning course scorm package.

1. Download Skillgo

First you need to download and install the Skillgo editor. Choose one of the following according to your platform:

2. Get your text editor

There are various text editors available for editing content. However, we recommend using AsciidocFX, an application for editing asciidoc, which is the foundational format for Skillgo. AsciidocFX is specifically designed for this purpose and offers an array of quick menus and buttons that facilitate easy formatting of asciidoc content. One downside to note is that AsciidocFX may experience freezing issues when handling videos.
Available from here: Download AsciidocFX

3. Making My First Skillgo course material

Launch AsciidocFX and start building the structure of your first Skillgo course as guided by the video below:

Alternatively, you can create your draft course with Skillgo easily:

4. Opening My First Skillgo course material

Upon completing the previous steps, you can launch Skillgo and open "My First Skillgo course material" and convert it to e-learning format.

5. Tutorial options

Here you can find out what features can be accessed and used with Skillgo:
Skillgo Tutorial

In our complete learning material you'll find everything you need to create your first Skillgo e-learning course!